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Paul Raschid
Paul Raschid
Neville Raschid
Supernatural-Psychological Horror
Jenna Harrison, Tom Benedict Knight, Candis Nergaard, Paul Raschid, Emmanuel Imani, Suzanna Hamilton

That well-used idea of the haunted old house is re-charged with horrific power in this film that blurs lines between reality and dreaming, past and present to psychologically disturbing effect. When Amy Mustafi, a high-flying lawyer and seemingly on-top-of-it-all woman, moves into a historic home bought by her husband, her bipolar disorder resurfaces, causing her to start hallucinating strange occurences while left alone in the house… or are those bumps in the night a bit more than imagination? A sealed door down into the old servants’ quarters is the latch on this film’s Pandora’s Box. The house seems to shiver with its previous inhabitants’ pain and fear; felt most intensely down in those cold depths. What sets this film apart from its compatriots, is the central figure of Amy. It’s not just a fantastical horror; it’s firmly based in psychology, and the psychology of a woman who is struggling to regain control over her mind and life. You can never be sure what she is imagining, what she is remembering, and what she is truly seeing before her. When do these demonic disturbances move beyond her mind, into the room she’s standing in – into being? 

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